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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> suspended center yee is back in court. i am liven from the courthouse. >> a driver crashed as their car into a san francisco cafe and flees the scene. the >> rating is headed our way. >>ain is headed our way. >> good morning. >> we will start with the forecast. we have rain on the way. >> storm tracker 4 is busy. here is a live look at where the storm as their right now. we are easy picking up
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snow near the lake county area. the rain is born to come throw later on this morning. the majority of the commuter should be okay but she conceded 7:00 a.m. we have cloudy skies and rain is starting to move then. by 8:00 a.m., you will see a good amount of rain come through. this is a cold front that will bring dynamic weather, act tough in the form of thunderstorms. by 11:00 a.m. all of us will see moderate to heavy rain. the south bay is picking up land. this is really going to bring wet weather by 3:00 p.m. we are still holding on to showers. that evening commute is looking good and we will see wet road and the showers will stick around. we will
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keep you posted all the rain and also the mountain snow that is an affect. >> this are just gone into backup at the bay bridge, the metering lights were just activated two minutes ago. within the last five minutes very quickly it is starting to back up across the lanes. the drive time is now about 11 minutes. the arrest of the rid >> state senator leland yee will be back in court today for his hearing on his terms of release. he is accused of taking bribes from undercover fbi agent and scored a gun operation. he has been suspended from the state senate, saying that he
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is no longer going to run for secretary of state. but yee is that he refuses to resign from the senate. he was arrested wednesday, following a three-year fbi sting. it was released some $500,000 unsecured bond. >> his lawyer stated that there is a good thing that he will enter a not guilty plea. i can tell you that he is 65 years old, he faces multiple charges including fraud, basically that means he took a pay to play which is a federal crime. about six of them, each one holds a 20 year term. there's a good chance that he would spend the rest of his life in prison if he is found guilty. he was arrested last wednesday, out of the blue, he came to court, he was
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presented with this affidavit late now what prosecutors believe that he did. he did make a bell, $500,000 unsecured bond. they will revisit this issue when there is a good chance that he will continue to be on bail, be out there free but they will revisit this and there is a good chance that he will have his bond revoked but that is not likely. he could also enter a plea. >> if there is a lot going on with the senator. he faces the battle of his life. he stated that he will not resign as senator but he is suspended with pay, one reason people stated is that he could probably use the money for his legal defense. there's a good chance that he will be in and out of court followed by two other defendants. >> no this morning, to limit
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crashed their car into a cafe and they fled the scene. police are now looking for them and they are talking with building inspectors. this happened around 2:30 a.m. this morning. officers on the sing say that the lexus want into the corner of the business. >> the police are checking hospitals to see if anyone showed up with injuries. >> one person is dead in an overnight shooting in oakland. police say that a man died at the hospital after some people drop them off. a second person who was shot in the lake also arrived at the hospital a short time later. that victim is expected to survive. >> today is the final day to sign for obama care. most
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americans who are not covered either by private insurance or are aca account could face a tax penalty. there two location's in the bay that will help you out with your last minute enrollment. >> the first one is at the oakland a's and cultural center that will be open from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.. the second location is the bay area rescue mission in richmond. they will be open from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.. >> if you go to either of these locations, you have to bring for items with you. you must bring proof of identity, proof of your address, proof of your incomer, and lastly, proof of citizenship. >> take a look at this. this morning the website to sign up for health care, is down for
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maintenance. if you will sign up in a state that does not have their own health- care exchange, you will get a message stating for you to try again later. if you are trying to sign of through the california exchange, you should not have any problems. >> the number of people missing has now dropped since the massive landslide in washington. the death toll now has risen to 21 and 30 other people are still missing. washington gov. stated that crews will remain active in a rescue mode as long as there is any possibility of finding survivors. the army has set up a decontamination station or crews to clean off. >> coming up on kron 4 news. residents in south korea were forced out of their homes after flareups resume
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ou c makdinn dispear be foo. brg outhe st. >> welcome back. the time is 6:10 a.m.. here's a live
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look at traffic for interstate 680. it is a 16 minute trip in either direction with no delays. >> two men are wanted this morning in fremont both of them involved in home invasions. the latest incident happened last thursday. the same two men cut also be behind another one that happened less than a mile away. this time the two broke into a house through a doggie door and stole items. the men may be driving around in a green a minivan. >> there is another debris disappointment in the search for the missing malaysia an airliner. australian officials said that a cluster of objects were spotted by a search plane. it turns out that this
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debris was fishing equipment. it has been more than three weeks since the boeing 777 disappeared which 239 people on board. >> i am certainly not want to put a time limit on this. we owe this to the families, we owe this to everyone who are traveling by air, we owe this to the country and citizens were on this aircraft. we owe this to the world, we oldest everyone to do what we can. >> flight 370 left kuala lumpur on march 8th former beijing when it vanishe beijing
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>> coming up. more to come for the storm that is headed our way. here is a live look as storm tracker 4. >> as 6:18 a.m.. we have big changes for muni as officials are making an overhaul to the entire system. >> as 6:25 a.m.. clashes system. >> as 6:25 a.m.. clashes if you're so tough, crack this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare hand. i didn't say tough, i said hungry. if you're so hungry, eat this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare mouth. tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better.
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to get up on monday but the good nils is that we are not singing in a wet road. here's a live look as storm tracker 4. we are waking up to cloudy skies. iran is still out towards the coast. 7:00 a.m., we are still under cloudy conditions and then might 8:00 a.m. you will see the rain coming to offer santa rosa and petaluma. we will seek relief heavy rains come late this morning. all of us will be getting in on the action. by lunchtime it will be wet. by 3:00 p.m. is still well bid would for the fremont area. scattered showers to 5:00 p.m.. every evening commute will be wet. by 8:00 p.m. it will start to die down but we still will have
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rain chance for the coast. >> tomorrow at 7:00 a.m., we had more rain. the headlines for the rain, the timing, arriving at 8:00 a.m.. for the afternoon of you will see active weather in the sam of thunderstorms. the rentals about a half-inch.rain a half-inch. here is sure winter storm warning, starting at 2:00 p.m., the heaviest snow was start into tomorrow the snow levels may fall as low as 3,000 ft.. the balance may see 3 to 6 in.. the summit may see 2 ft. of snow by tuesday. the temperatures, it is cool, 44
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in napa bug. 47 degrees for daly city. oakland will have a high and low 50's. the temperatures on mound chairman of as much. a lot of us will be below average. 59 degrees for pleasanton upper 50s for richmond. >> here is how the next set of days will shape up. stormy today, you would need all the rain gear the chicken did. wednesday when we y have morning showers. we will dry out for the rest of the week at the weekend is looking to be nice. springlike temperatures. the time is 6:18 a.m.. >> we are still low the went well. the back of the bay bridge, is following a
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pattern that has been in place for the past couple of weeks. once the metering lights are activated, very quickly things start to back up. that is why we are looking at any level to 14 minute drive time out of the macarthur mayes. for the ride to the san mateo, westbound, no metering lights. the drive time is only about 12 to 14 minutes. we are problem free and delay free. the committee started to get underway. it
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was right here at the 880 interchange where this crash was reported. things are starting to slow a bit in the westbound direction. thebride is still looking good and the drive time is still under 30 minutes down to the golden gate bridge. >> the time is 6:20 a.m.. major changes are coming to san francisco's muni and transit routes. it is being called the great muni overhaul. 59 of the transit system's 81 groups are changing. the overall service is being increased by 12 percent over the next two years. many of riders and say that this change is necessary. >> under muni's proposed
6:21 am
changes, stop signs at eight intersections would be replaced by traffic signals that make trains the priority. >> clean energy advocates will speak to the san francisco board of supervisors and land use and economic development committee meeting. the group is calling for answers as to why mayor it lee is blocking the launch of a clean power s.f. program. >> today kicks off the start of oakland a's spirit week. fans are encouraged to wear their oakland a's apparel or green and gold closing all week. the a's opening season will be tonight at 7 05 p.m.. >> making world headlines
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this morning. people run for cover as artillery fire goes off between north and south korea. those artillery shells landed in the ocean off the coast of both koreas. officials say that if force people living on the islands to go for shelter. we are monitoring this international story and stay with kron4 for the latest. >> all this is going on as the u.s. marines are in south korea for military exercises. those exercises, show what our marines would do if they need to invade the peninsula. the drills are the largest combined exercises in history. >> in new mexico, hundreds of people are upset about the albuquerque police department recent use of lethal force. two weeks ago
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for dry in, sicmoturitiong you ed hling the only lion th healg mio-drletsf vaselineellynewvalinenten. deeply moiuriz drykin om e fit apicatn... and it clicallprov to ke it as healg th las r 3 weeks. that's theeali wer vasine. >> boston lost it. today, investors hope that stocks will continue to climb. the major indexes closed on friday after a positive
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report. >> the gains were modest. the dow rose 59 points. the nasdaq was up 4 and 1/2 points and the s&p 500 edged up 8 and 1/2 points. futures point to gains this morning. >> general motors is in hot seat this week on capitol hill. members of congress say that they will press general motors for answers about the recall of 2.6 million vehicles. a house subcommittee on tuesday in the senate subcommittee wednesday will ask to gm officials if they knew that these vehicles had problems, and was something done to fix it. at least a dozen family members are also planning to attend. >> it is time for the tech reports with gabe slate. >> this is a high tech sensor that will turn this into a health monitoring
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device. it will measure your blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, long the function and more. all of this with accuracy. you just place your finger on these two sensor markings on the back and just hold it here for about 30 seconds. the case will reach your bottles and display them for you to view. >> there is no device at this time that exist, this can help you keep track of this. we are trying to fill that gap. >> once you start tracking this, you can make life in justice to improve your health. this also connects with the other device souls like sleep trackers to help identify how your behavior can affect your body. >> gabe slate kron 4 news.
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>> coming up on kron 4 news. we are following the latest on the corruption case involving state senatorleland ys happening with his alleged associates today. >> a whaling ban in japan that has been in tears in the making. so you made some bad decisions last night. make a good one this morning. try my...
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>> welcome back. here is a live look on wall street. the nasdaq, dow futures are up over 80 points. what is the latest. >> we're also watching the weather. we are waiting for the up grain and to start. >> we may see an active
6:31 am
weather by this afternoon. 7:00 a.m., we both have a general cloudy conditions. by 8:00 a.m., the north bay, santa rosa was see heavy rain, petaluma and some felt was also seated by late morning. everyone will sit in the yellow indicates the moderate to heavy rain. by lunchtime, it should be wet for everyone. we will hold on to scattered showers for the rest of the day. again,
6:32 am
the rain will arrive in the north bay. we are watching for thunderstorms and hail. rain totals over half an inch. we will watch out for hazardous driving for the evening commute and also urban flooding. we will talk more about this and how it may impact the oakland a's game. >> we are tracking an accident in emeryville that could turn into a hot spot because of the locations in the fact that it is blocking the lanes of interstate 80 at paul street. powell street. , is a typical pattern, 6 heading south is starting to get sluggish. we're looking at a couple of incidents on one on one in the northbound direction at 880, there was
6:33 am
an accident earlier but a new crash has been reported. >> state senator leland yee, accused the federal corruption charges is back in court today. so are men who prosecutors said are linked to the organized crime. kron4 will tran is live outside the federal courthouse in san francisco with more. >> the two other people that you spoke about raymond shrimp boy chow and keith jackson. raymond, he is 54 years old. he is a chinatown gangster. he has been out of prison tried to reform,
6:34 am
rehabilitate himself. he told everybody that he was changed, they were not binding. they are rested him along with 25 other people. he is accused of many things including money laundering. he has been imprisoned 22 years out of the 54 he's been on our. let's talk about the jackson, he is a common denominator between the two of them. here is a consultant and a campaign financial adviser. he is accused, 48 years old, trafficking guns and murder for hire plots, apparently fbi investigators stated that he did not say no to one. he is well known at one point been the most influential educator in san francisco. also, he did not
6:35 am
make bail, these two are in court friday but they did have an attorney, when that are ride, they will be asked if they have an attorney, if they do, they will set dates for their future dates. what will happen down the road, if not, they would enter a plea. >> coming up 7:00 a.m. we will talk about the senator, are laid down all the details about his arrest at his day in court. >> there is so much to this story. you can read the full complaint also we posted the video from the latest state senate hearing when he was suspended. we also have profiles of the latest players involved all on a >> it has been more than a
6:36 am
month since external services will be held this week for 28 zeroth alejandro nieto who was fatally shot. the visitation hours will be held today for him. the funeral mass was also be held at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow. following the mass, the burial ceremony will be held at holy cross cemetery. >> it has been a month since 93 fell man went missing. hiss' family is now offering a 5000 out of rewards. he was last seen in a corner madera. his family says that he left the restaurant after his weekly
6:37 am
dinner with his daughter. >> the federal health-care website is stumbling on deadline day signups. we reported earlier this hour that people in states without help the exchanges were seen their screen stating that the coverage site was down. the site is now back up and running. >> coming up on kron 4 news. poking fun at the high price of renting in san francisco. we will have one man's message coming up. >> would you like some pot with your pizza? we will show you where marijuana laced pizza is on the menu.
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>> welcome back. we are monitoring an accident in the east bay, on interstate 80, the westbound direction. the second line is blocked with an accident. again, but this still has the potential of being a hot spot the drive time is about 18 minutes from our chilies down to berkeley. >> a beach in texas that was impacted by an oil spill earlier this month, is back in business. a barge down as much as 170,000 gal. of fuel into the bay. less than 100 yds from where this very open, you can still see the the remnants of the oil spill. >> japan has been ordered to
6:42 am
stop its whaling program. japan has claimed that this program in the antarctic is for scientific purposes. any whale meat sold as a result of this commercial experience is environmentally substantial. this morning, the international court of justice in the hague ruled that this program is not for scientific purposes and that whaling ships must halt operations until further whaling ships must halt operations until further notice. whaling ships must halt operations until further noticefor dry in, sicmoturitiong you ed hling the only lion th healg mio-drletsf vaselineellynewvalinenten. deeply moiuriz drykin om e fit apicatn...
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and it clicallprov to ke it as healg th las r 3 weeks. that's theeali wer vasine.
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>> it is a dry right now, here's what looked at our roof cam are. all of us are sent out the conditions. this is what we are expecting. by 9:00 a.m. the rain will arrive. it will quickly spread south. iran will be heavy at times and by 3:00 p.m. we are still talking about rainy and windy conditions. here is the storm that is to the north out towards your read the threads here is your future cast 4. by 7:00 a.m. we are generally gone a bit cloudy conditions and then by 8:00 a.m. the rain should move into petaluma and pushing and by 11:00 a.m. with everyone sing that. the
6:46 am
yellow shows the brief periods of heavy rain. it will stay around for much of the afternoon. livermore in fremont will get a lot of downpours. by 5:00 p.m. and will still see scattered showers. by 8:00 p.m. it should start to die down. >> tomorrow morning we should have another line coming through. when at gusts up to 30 it 4 mi. per hour. 2 in. by tomorrow and hazardous driving and also flooding. the kron47 day around the bay shows to the temperatures will be below average for the next few days. upper 50s and by wednesday. the temperatures will be cooler for wednesday, baseball weather for the indians may be delayed. the kickoff assess 7 05 p.m.. >
6:47 am
>> here is george with your forecast. >traffic. the >> there was an accident at powell street. the current drive time is just 16 minutes. they may have had luck in clearing this to the shoulder. arrest is already heavy, 580 west, six assaults to put know. we are tracking a couple of accidents, neither of them are hot spots, 101 at story road. the more ran ride is still delay free under 30 minutes, 28 minutes down to the golden gate bridge. here is a look at the bridges, the bay bridge, was all is
6:48 am
looking worse than it looks. the drive time is slow, we're getting they have this time, right now we're looking at 22 minutes from highway 24. >> the san mateo bridge, the westbound ride is still light, 12 to 13 minutes. the richmond san rafael bridge we are still without delays into the toll plaza. >> new this morning, an accident in san francisco has police searching local hospitals. kron4 terisa estacio reports. >> take a close look, police say that this happens are run to 30 a.m.. they believe two women were in this card at the time, but ran off before police arrived. this is at 21st and folsom street. this lexus
6:49 am
sam into the corner of this cafe and a stated that the air bags and did deploy. they are checking hospitals to see if anyone shows the with interesinjuries. >> in san francisco terisa estacio kron 4 news. >> no one was seriously hurt this morning when a car slammed into a bar in oakland. police say that this incident happened around 2:45 a.m. and 17 and telegraph and two cars collided. investigators are still looking at the second car that left the scene. oakland police say building inspector is not needed because the integrity of the building was not compromised. >> san francisco is known to
6:50 am
have high rent prices. photographer scott hamilton hit the streets with rent signs to poke fun at just how expensive housing is. he calls a dumpster a waterfront condo for $5,000 spread mailboxes are listed as studio lofts for $3,000 spread he posted these on his web site and craigslist. so realistic that his waterfront condo is still posted to be up for rent. >> the final four is set in the ncaa men's basketball tournament, and it will be seventh seed connecticut against no. 1 florida. here are some highlights of last night's game. >> john calipari starting five freshmen at kentucky took on mr. can all all
6:51 am
teens--with a trip to the final four on the line. 40 seconds, kentucky up by two in michigan fired away. with just two seconds left on the clock, the wildcats through in a three-pointer, the final score 75-72 kentucky. >> u-conn beat michigan state 60-54 to return to the final four a year after the huskies were barred from the ncaa tournament. the huskies rallied from nine. second and have a deficit to become the first no. 7 seed to reach the final four since 1985. >> the giants' head to phoenix to start this season today. secondly the arizona diamondbacks played their home opener 7,800 mi. away in sydney, australia.
6:52 am
so you could call today's game their u.s. debut. >> sonn gray will take the mound to kick off the season for the two-time defending a.l. west champions oakland a's. jarrod parker was lost a season in the time john elbow surgery. >> send your pictures with your spiri spirit. we will be right back.
6:53 am
leto t oneobying you waysante
6:54 am
at uversy ofhoen, belve ery ecati- not st os- shou be ilt ound thcare thayou want. imine at.
6:55 am
>> heading into the 7:00
6:56 am
hour we have video that we want to show you. more than a dozen college students have been arrested at the university of arizona in tucson. this is after the basketball team lost against wisconsin on saturday. several hundred people blocked the roads to the campus. police said that the crowd threw beer cans, bottles and firecrackers at the met after being told to disperse. >> a pizzeria in vancouver has a topping that you can only get with a prescription: marijuana. for an extra $10, the pizzeria, called the mega ill, bhikshu a piece of that is infused withthc. they do it by drizzling marijuana infused oil on to the pizza. the restaurant's owner said that they only serve the special
6:57 am
pizza to people who are over 18 and have a prescription for medical marijuana. >> coming up on the kron4 newest. we are tracking the rain that is moving to the bay area. >> we are talking opening day with gary radnich at 7:45 a.m.. we also have people behaving badly. [ me anunce] ere chien,
6:58 am
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6:59 am
>> suspended center leland yee is scheduled to be back in court. i will tell you what is expected coming up. >> a driver crashed as their car into a san francisco cafe. they fled the scene and police are looking for them. >> rain is expected and will tell you what it should arrive. >> thank you for joining us.
7:00 am
it is dry for now but a storm is expected to come through. >> it looks like san francisco international airport have delays up to three hours because of the high wind. we will see very active weather this afternoon. we have a great conditions and it is cloud the outside. most of us right now we are still dry but we're watching this rain come through by 9:00 a.m. and should be wets in the north, by lunchtime is should be heavy. we may see thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail potentially. the temperatures will top out in the upper 50s, 60s. storm tracker 4 pick up lightning along the coast but right now there is no lighting. we will talk


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